History of RUD

The Risk, Uncertainty and Decision meeting started in 1997. It was first called "June in Paris" as it emerged from the observation that many scholars, in particular ones working in the field of decision under risk and uncertainty, like to spend some time in Paris in the spring. Among them Itzhak Gilboa, Edi Karni, David Schmeidler and Peter Wakker were regulars. Jean-Yves Jaffray and Michèle Cohen thus conceived the idea to start some informal meetings that would go beyond getting together in Jean-Yves’ office. Some early predecessors of RUD (a meeting in Toulon organized by Alain Chateauneuf, Michèle Cohen, Jean-Yves Jaffray, Robert Kast, and André Lapied, and a meeting organized in Saarbrücken by Juergen Eichberger) had shown that the entreprise was viable.

The first meeting was thus held in Chantilly in June 1997. Below you find the list of the successive meetings, which grew over time into a small conference. (The first few meetings revolved around a narrower theme.) By clicking on each meeting you can see the original meeting program (the meeting web page for more recent ones).

Year Place
1997 Chantilly
Université Paris I
1999 Université Paris I
2000 Université Paris VI
2001 Università Ca' Foscari (Venezia)
2002 Gif sur Yvette (Paris)
2003 Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Milano)
2004 Northwestern University
2005 Heidelberg University
2006 Université Paris VI
2007 Tel Aviv University
2008 Oxford University
2009 Duke University
2010 Paris School of Economics, University of Cergy-Pontoise, and University of Paris I
Collegio Carlo Alberto (Moncalieri)
Northwestern University
University of Cergy-Pontoise
University of Warwick

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