2004 Winners

1) Texas (302 pts)

#12 LeMarcus Aldridge

#19 Daniel Gibson

#22 Mike Williams

#49 Dion Dowell

Connor Atchley

When Aldridge decided to withdraw from the NBA draft, he gave Texas the best recruiting class in the nation -- one that might even make Longhorns fans forget about football ....

2) Kentucky (258 pts)

#10 Randolph Morris

#14 Joe Crawford

#21 Rajon Rondo

Ramel Bradley

Tubby Smith filled all his needs and then some with 3 McDonald’s All Americans signed in the Spring. Bradley would have made the top 100 if all the services included 5th year players (rather than breaking them out separately).

3) Kansas (227 pts)

#31 Russell Robinson

#43 Alexander Kaun

#67 Alex Galindo

#68 Darnell Johnson

#69 C. J. Giles

A great haul for the Jayhawks who got some late additions in Galindo and Giles, which helped cushion the blow of losing David Padgett.

4) UCLA (221 pts)

#20 Jordan Farmar

#26 Arron Afflalo

#57 Josh Shipp

#80 Lorenzo Mata

The Bruins added a couple of burger boys and a pair of excellent supporting players to combine for an outstanding class.

5) Indiana (192 pts)

#13 D.J. White

#30 Robert Vaden

#76 A.J. Ratliff

#93 James Hardy

Robert Rothbart

IU had the best bunch of incoming freshman in the country until Josh Smith decided to go pro. There’s still plenty to like with this group, though, which is long on both quantity and quality.

6) Connecticut (173 pts)

#5 Rudy Gay

#24 A.J. Price

Antonio Kellogg

UConn lost some great players from last season’s outstanding crew but reloaded nicely with possibly the best high school senior not going to the NBA (Rudy Gay).

7) Oregon (168 pts)

#9 Malik Hairston

#39 Bryce Taylor

#87 Marrty Leunen

Chamberlain Ouguchi

The Ducks have much to celebrate after bringing in their best class in ages.

8) Florida (159 pts)

#25 Corey Brewer

#47 Al Horford

#72 Joakim Noah

Taureen Green

Cornelius Ingram

Billy Donavon has decided to focus more on complementary players rather than superstars with this class but there is still more than enough depth here to make this a very strong group.

9) Louisville (158 pts)

#16 Juan Diego Palacios

#40 Brian Johnson

#89 Lorenzo Wade

The Cards were hit especially hard when their top 5 ranked high scholar and top 5 ranked Juco decided to go pro. Rick Pitino recovered nicely in picking up Palacios in the Spring making this still an excellent class nevertheless.

10) Memphis (153 pts)

#15 Darius Washington

#34 Shawne Williams

Robert Dozier

Richard Dorsey

Andre Allen

The Tigers should have plenty to look forward to with this bunch..

Honorable Mention:

  • Missouri (148 pts)

  • North Carolina (140 pts)

  • Florida State (135 pts)

  • NC State (131 pts)

  • Michigan State (120 pts)

  • Arizona (119 pts)

  • Duke (113 pts)

  • Georgia Tech (103 pts)

  • Syracuse (101 pts)