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Welcome to the Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI). RSCI is pronounced “risky” because drawing definitive conclusions from any such rankings is, indeed, risky at best. Be that as it may ...

RSCI is intended to help you make sense out of the various top 50 or top 100 rankings of the nation’s best high school basketball players. It combines the rankings from well known recruiting experts into a single, consensus ranking.

Why is such a consensus ranking needed? Well, if you’ve ever scanned the rankings from a couple of these experts, you’ll quickly find that they can differ greatly from each other. In fact, sometimes they disagree to such an extent that you have no idea whether a kid is top 5 material or barely a top 50 player.

RSCI attempts to reduce some of this uncertainty by normalizing the variations in a completely objective manner. In other words, RSCI rankings do not represent a personal opinion, but rather are the sum total of the opinion of larger group of experts.