2002 Winners

1) Duke (421 pts)

#8 Sheldon Williams

#14 Shavlik Randolph

#11 J.J. Redick

#21 Sean Dockery

#30 Michael Thompson

Lee Melchonni

The Blue Devils are off the scale with this class which includes everything but the proverbial partridge in a pear tree.

2) North Carolina (287 pts)

#3 Raymond Felton

#4 Rashad McCants

#9 Sean May

Three top 10’s! ‘Nuff said.

3) Villanova (262 pts)

#5 Jason Fraser

#39 Alan Ray

#42 Curtis Sumpter

#56 Randy Foye

Nova really cleaned up with this group which could turn out to be one of best recruiting hauls in the school’s history.

4) Arizona (239 pts)

#17 Chris Rogers

#20 Hassan Adams

#27 Andre Iguodala

Zona has reloaded with a strong class of three top 25ish wing players.

5) Florida (194 pts)

#16 Anthony Roberson

#40 Matt Walsh

#53 Mario Boggan

Rashid Al-Kaleem

Boggan is better than his #53 ranking and Al-Kaleem just missed making the top 100 so this group could be better than the 5th best class.

6) Michigan State (190 pts)

#7 Paul Davis

#52 Matt Trannon

#54 Maurice Ager

Delco Rowley

Davis is the headliner in a very strong Spartan class which includes a solid nucleus to build upon.

7) Maryland (177 pts)

#29 Travis Garrison

#43 John Gilchrist

#60 Chris McCray

#95 Nik Caner-Medley

The defending national champs won’t be firing blanks with this bunch.

8) Illinois (173 pts)

#19 Dee Brown

#48 Deron Williams

#78 James Augustine

Kyle Wilson

Elliott Poole

A solid group of new Illini players keep the Big 10 well stocked with young talent.

9) Syracuse (162 pts)

#2 Carmelo Anthony

#38 Gerry McNamara

Matt Gorman

Anthony will be he highest rated freshman in 2002-03 now that Amare Stoudemire has decided to skip college.

10) Georgia Tech (151 pts)

#5 Chris Bosh

#46 Jarrett Jack

Theodis Tarver

Tech slides in to give the ACC bragging rights with 4 of the top 10 classes in the nation..

Honorable Mention:

  • Connecticuit (144 pts)

  • Michigan (138 pts)

  • Indiana (128 pts)

  • Oklahoma (124 pts)

  • Iowa (104 pts)