The Winners

Which teams won the recruiting wars?


The RSCI rankings are designed to show which players are the best.  But how do you know which team did the best job in recruiting?  Again, the RSCI rankings can help.  Here’s how...

First you take the RSCI ranking for each player and assign points in essentially the same way that the rankings derived (i.e. 100 pts for #1, 99 pts for #2, etc.).  Then you add up the points for all the players for a given school.  The school with the most points wins. 

The nice thing about this approach is that tends to favor quality over quantity.  For instance, a school which loads up on marginal top 100 players won’t do as well in the standings as a school that gets a few superstars (which is how I think it should be).  The downside, however, is that prep schoolers, 5th year players, and transfers aren’t given the credit they deserve.  This is because some of the recruiting experts that the RSCI rankings are based on don’t include these players. 

Clearly, it’s not a perfect system, but it is reasonably objective and, at least from that sense, it is fair.  It also (at least in theory) has the chance to be more accurate than other methods since it is based on  the consensus opinion of a group of experts rather than on just one.