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The Experts

The recruiting gurus who's opinions re represented in the RSCI rankings are the experts in their field. Visit their web sites to learn more about them and the service they offer.

(Note: Some web sites may no longer be operational but they are left here so that references in past RSCI rankings can be deciphered.)

 Abbreviation     Service     Expert(s)    
 VC Hot100Hoops.com (2011-?)
 Van Coleman
 DT ESPN.com (2011-?)
 The Insiders Hoops
 Dave Telep
 Scout.com multiple
 PS PrepStars.com
 Brick Oettinger,
 Rob Harrington
 RC Rivals.com
 MP MaxPreps.com
 AS All Star Report
 Bob Gibbons
 HM Hoopmasters.com Van Coleman &
 Bob Gibbons
 RH PrepStars.com
 Rob Harrington
 HS Hoop Scoop
 Clark Francis
 FS Future Stars
 Van Coleman
 SchoolSports Jeff Goodman
 & others
 VB Prepspotlight.com Vince Baldwin
 SA Sports America
 Recruiting USA
 BT Basketball Times
 IR Insiders Report
 Mike Sullivan &
 Russ Blake
 RB Recruiting Beat
 Patrick Jira
 FC Full Court Magazine
 Courtney Goldwire
 & others
 HP ACC Today
 Hulan Pickett
 FB Fast Break Recruiting
 Ron Briscoe
 HH Heartland Hoops
 Al Seibert
 Mark Mayemura
 The Sporting News
 Steve Wacaser
 Scouts Inc (ESPN)