Keas (Haidlhof, Austria)


Ludwig Huber

Gyula Gajdon

Raoul Schwing

(photos: R. Noë)

Since my return from a sabbatical (at the NIAS, Wassenaar, The Netherlands, 2011-2012), I have had neither resources nor an institutional base for empirical research in France. Thanks to my Austrian colleagues and a number of master students from Strasbourg, I could nevertheless test a few ideas about cooperation with the keas housed in the Haidlhof Research Station, near Bad Vöslau in Austria.

My colleagues in Austria


My master students from Strasbourg

  • Charlotte Goursot (2013)
  • Elodie Jocteur (2014)
  • Estelle Meaux (2015)
  • Laurine Reuillon (2016)


Schwing R., Jocteur E., Wein, A., Noë, R. & Massen, J. J.M. 2016. Kea cooperate better with sharing affiliates. Animal Cognition 19(6), 1093-1102 (Open Access)
Keeping me, my students (and many others) happy .....


The Haidlhof Research Station is a research facility run by 
COGBIO, the Department of Cognitive Biology of the University of Vienna and the Messerli Research Institute of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

The keas, which belong to the Kea Lab of the Messerli Research Institute, are housed in a very large aviary (520 m2)

Keas (Nestor notabilis) are large parrots from New Zealand's South Island