The last paper we published about our vervet experiments was:  Fruteau, C., van Damme, E., & Noë, R. (2013). Vervet monkeys solve a multiplayer “Forbidden Circle Game” by queuing to learn restraint. Current Biology, 23(8), 665-670.

 This is perhaps the best paper I ever authored, but not necessarily the easiest to understand. The most interesting part for the more theoretically inclined, is the game theoretical analysis by Eric van Damme, guided by my knowledge of the animals.

Fruteau et al (2013) Current Biology forbidden circle.mp4

Below I present the story in the form I also use for talks; the first file is a PowerPoint; the second a PDF with the same content .
The next two PDFs are the paper itself and the Supplementary Online Material
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8 Apr 2015, 06:38
Ronald Noë,
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