SIP Numbers As Extensions

Adding a SIP phone number as an extension

This might look like an older version of FreePBX but this has not changed.

Get into FreePBX by logging into your machine.

Click on Extensions.  Select Other (Custom) Device.  You choose the Other (Custom) Device instead of Generaic SIP because Generic SIP is used to connect up hard phones or soft phones.



First enter the User Extension.  I put 3000 as the extension.


Next is the display name.  Name it whatever you want.  Here it is Telephreak.

Last is the Dial command in the dial box:


This is an IAX2 connection.  A SIP connection starts with sip.


Last is the Submit button.  Last click on the Apply Configuration Changes.


If you want to add your cell phone as an extension, you can have Asterisk call out on your Zaptel device (example: home phone) when someone calls the extension.

All you need to do is enter in the 'dial' box: