IPKall Setup to Trixbox

Getting IPKall To Work With Trixbox

or most anything else that uses FreePBX as the GUI

Apply for an account for IPKall


In the Sip Phone number box, enter an extension number that you are not presently using.  This will be the number that IPKall sends to your box.

In the SIP Proxy box, enter your static IP addresss or dynamic domin name.

Now for Trixbox & FreePBX

Click on Inbound Routes that is on the left hand colum of links.

Inbound Routes

Enter the Extension number that you gave to IPKall into the DID Number box.  Scroll down at the bottom of the page to where you want the call directed. From there it can go to an extension, a ring group, a recording, or the conference, or whatever you have setup.


Submit the changes and then click on the red banner saying Apply Configuration Changes.