Uddle CBC Asterisk Setup

This is to configure your Trixbox to call into the Uddle CBC Asterisk PBX in Chicago & Ackley

Log in and choose the FreePBX menu.

Select Setup and then Extensions.

Select Other (Custom) Device.

I picked extension 3444 because it spells out "EHHH".  Just fill out the folowing.

In the "Display Name" you can put whatever you want.     I entered "CBC Blair Alper".

Under the custom technology in the 'dial" box I put

For Ackley:  iax2/guest:guest@ackley.dnsalias.com

For Chicago:  iax2/guest@blairslady.homeip.net


Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Next click on the red Apply Configuration Changes banner.

Here is a list of numbers you can call when you call into 3444.  There is also information for the Ackley machine.

So far I am not able to get the Ackley machine configured on my machine.  The "dial" box for the Ackley machine should be:


The first 'guest' is the username.  The second 'guest' is the password.