Want to do a 10k or Half Marathon with a difference! With stunning views and interest throughout. Look no further.  

The 'old' bridge is an iconic landmark - it's a unique and exhilarating place to run - open to the elements on all sides and with fantastic views, you are literally running between sea and sky!

Navigate to the official website:  Severn Bridge 10k and Half Marathon here.


This widely acclaimed event (and winner of the Runners World 'Best New Race' in 2014) will take place on Sunday 27th August 2023

It starts on the closed M48 carriageway and runners have the unique opportunity to run across the bridge on the motorway itself.

The bridge will be closed to traffic for the duration of the event on a Bank Holiday Sunday - apparently one of the quietest traffic times for the bridge.
Note: Rogue Runs do not organise the event - it's put on by Severn Bridge 10k a & Half Marathon Ltd.