Helpers / Volunteers (aka Rogue's Gallery)

We are deeply indebted to our fantastic band of helpers - we really couldn't put on our events without their kind help. You can help in a variety of ways: marshaling, sweep (last runner marshal), handing out medals/water, giving numbers in registration, helping with cakes and hot drinks, car parking, lead bike etc

In exchange for their valuable time we either:

If you would like to join our happy band of rogues, please contact us with details of what race you can help out at and in what capacity.

To contact our 'helpers co-ordinator' Please use this email:

Below you'll find a list of all those with freebies and also some general rules about the process of using them.

List of helper Freebies here - these are 'refreshed' every 5 years.

General principles regarding freebies  (Please read to avoid any misunderstanding)

Freebie entry form (google form) 

Severn Bridge 10k and Half freebie entry form (google form)       

PLEASE SEE FREEBIE ENTRIES RECEIVED BELOW (to check your entry has been received)

Freebie Entries Received