Alex's Favorite Math Resources

There are lots of miscellaneous math resources below. Many are oriented towards teachers, but students will hopefully find a lot of them interesting, challenging, and mind-opening. These won't necessarily work to replace what is done in the classroom, but hopefully might get you aware of the wonder and beauty of math to provide a bit of reason/motivation behind what you’re doing in the classroom. My kids like watching some of these videos. It gets them intrigued about mathematics, and how math is not just calculation/following rules. There are plenty of traditional resources like khanacademy, aleks, catchup math, kuta, etc, that I could link as well, but those sorts of materials are readily available at school, so I would suggest exploring some of the below resources if you’re looking for something ‘more’. Enjoy.

Video Channels

Numberphile. link

Veritasium. Math, science, logic. link

Matt Parker. Part-time mathematician, part-time comedian. link

Vihart. One of the few by a woman. link

Mathpickle. K-12 problems based on unsolved math conundrums. link

Even more favorite videos. link

Our favorite videos

My family's favorite videos

Cedar's favorite. Spinning rocks. link

Owen's favorite. Mile of pi. link

Alex's favorite. Domino computer. link

Erin's favorite. Sum of natural numbers = -1/12 link

Numberphile Classics

Domino addition Cutting a Cake Sum of all natural numbers Infinity

Standup Maths Classics

Build Hexasticks Matchbox learning Brick dominos Bricks stacked Leap Years

ViHart Classics

Hexaflexagons Hexaflexagons 2 Pi is wrong Doodling in math class

Veritasium Classics

What's the rule?

Ultrarunning Classics

The Gathering Life in a Day


Emergent Math. link

College Prep Math. link

Interactive Math Program. link

Illustrative mathematics. link


Visual Patterns. link (key)

Graphing Stories. link


Geometry Labs. link

Area Maze. link

Zukei. link1, link2

Planning Guide. link


Statistics in Schools. link


Mathalicious. link

Mathematics Assessment Project. link

Illuminations [membership required]. link

NRICH. link

Robert Kaplinsky. link

Undergroundmath. link

Achieve the core. link


Open middle. link

Youcubed. link

3 Acts. link1 link2

Exeter Problem Sets link


Matharguments. link

Would you rather. link

Math Mistakes. link

101 questions. link

Estimation 180. link

Which one doesn’t belong. link

Questioning strategies. link


Geogebra. Online geometry construction. link

Desmos. Beautiful online graphing calculator. link

Desmos Teacher. Create interactive activities. link

Desmos Geometry. Online geometry construction. link

Pear Deck. Interactive content delivery, upcoming flashcards. link

Wolfram. Powerful mathematics calculator. link

Plotly. Data visualization tool. link

Socrative. Formative assessment instead of clickers. link

Google forms. Now auto graded. link

Playposit. Embed questions in youtube videos. link

Go Formative. Track student growth over time. link

Quizlet. Flashcards. link

phet. Science and math interactive demonstrations. link


Sam Shah. link

Fawn Nguyen. link

Dan Meyer. link

Kate Nowak. link

Classroom Chef. link

History/Culture/Fun Stuff

Alex's Mathematical Ponderings. link

Alex's Favorite Math Mistakes. link

Alex's Favorite Math Resources ;) link

Mathmunch. link

Numberphile. link

what if. link

xkcd. link

Gapminder. link

Mathologer. link

Mindset, Stress

Growth mindset - Carol Dweck. link

Can you change your mindset towards stress? link

Interpersonal Skills

First day activities. link