Academic Honesty

Plagiarism is considered a serious offense of Academic Honesty principles. As your math teacher, I am trusting you to turn you YOUR OWN best work on write-ups, homework, tests and other assessments.

If you do not turn in your own work, on any graded assignment in the class, the assignment will earn no credit in the class. Opportunities for revision may or may not be available.

Please access support from me to complete an assignment without having to use dishonest practices to complete it. This, depending on the assignment, can include using technology resources to complete work (such as Desmos to complete a graph or Wolfram Alpha to solve an equation). If you are unsure of the use of a resources, please ask

As is customary, please show your work on your math assignments, so that I can see your individualized approach to the problems.

Here's a great resource for papers:

Here a great way to check your work: