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Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival - 9/15-21/2007

  • Into Turn 5  (28mb avi)
  • First Roadster outing. Fast in the corners, dog slow on the straights.
  • Smoked by an Alpha.  (25mb avi)
  • No company this time...

Autobahn Country Club - 7/29-30/2006 (RX-7)

Kart Ice Racing - 2/6/2005

  • Ice racing the kart  (12mb mpeg)
  • Studded up some tires and gave it a shot. Not enough power though.

Wild Wheels Wednesday '04 - 9/13/2004

BIC Racing @ Lake Geneva Oval 8/13/2004

  • Into the tire wall  (7mb mpeg)
  • A guy radically changes tire pressures after practice, car handles totally different! 1st heat, 1st lap, first turn.
  • Catching one car...  (6mb mpeg)
  • Making up time from a half lap down.
  • and another...  (3mb mpeg)
  • This is lookin easy.
  • Wild heat start  (5mb mpeg)
  • I guess rubbin' IS racin'.
  • More mayhem  (7mb mpeg)
  • Cars flyin' all over. Hard cornering on stock suspension and tires.
  • A car gets loose and spins into me  (4mb mpeg)
  • But I turn into him and keep the hammer down. You wanna piece a me???
  • Dash for the transfer spot  (10mb mpeg)
  • I pass this guy just as a yellow is coming out, they place me behind him. 1 lap to try to get it back, but he out-torques me and I come up just short.

Road America - 7/10/2004 (RX-7)

  • Finally get past the Miata  (15mb mpeg)
  • After 8 laps, I finally capitalize on his fear of "The Kink". Plus a little waggle and catch in Canada Corner.
  • Into the wall  (9mb mpeg)
  • The decision to leave old tires on the rear takes it's toll, I simply slide off the track.

Road America - 8/17-18/2003 (RX-7)

  • Lock-up in Turn 3  (3mb mpeg)
  • Going into turn 3, the inside rear brake locks up and sends me farming.
  • Tight quarters in Canada Corner  (2mb mpeg)
  • Some would call it a bonzai move, but I zone for a second and forget to there's a corner coming up.
  • Spin and catch in Turn 5  (2mb mpeg)
  • Pinch it a bit too tight and get loose in the tightest corner on the track.

Mid Ohio - 7/4-6/2003 (RX-7)

First W2W Race - Blackhawk Farms - 4/28/2002 (RX-7)

  • The Pass  (7mb mpeg)
  • Pass, get passed, and take the pass back. Notice the 510 trying to push me over after he misses the shift.
  • The Squeeze  (1mb mpeg)
  • The 510 cuts down into the 325 trying the indside pass.
  • The Finish  (4mb mpeg)
  • The BMW is spooked from the earlier squeeze and backs out, causing me to back out and loose momentum, which proves fatal in the end.

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