Narrative - 2001

The gory details, most recent first...

  • February 11, 2001 - What a gas! Good to see a bunch of car guys doing their thing over the winter, and some cool cars. Buddy Jim Cicona and I decided to get a little crazy and go check out the ice races. So off we went. His wife was thoughtful enough to prepare us a nice warm Thermos of barbecue pork. Boy was that welcome later on!

  • We both rode with each other throughout the day. It's not like the extra weight will hurt our times, and it was really fun. This big German tank did not hold on to the ice very well though. Real easy for it to get away from you fast. Driving was an exercise in patience and balance. Even if you got the car perfectly sideways, it would still just slide away. I think we each got about 3 or 4 runs in, some clean, some not. But we ended up NOT last, and had enough to satisfy our curiousity. We may try one again next year.