The new race car - September 2001

The Spec RX-7 program begins in earnest. A Milwaukee region Spec RX-7 guy was moving on. A deal I couldn't refuse. Sold the two other RX-7s and am now down to one. Got it out once at Blackhawk for a Porsche Club Driver Ed. Ran 1:31's (a race winning time). The car drove great, easy to control.

Driver s side 3/4

Psngr side 3/4

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The Racing Doldrums - Summer 2001

With the impending family addition, not much is going on. No driving events. Managed to get up to Road America and do some corner work for the Midwestern Council races. Did get an engine into the grey car and spent some time tooling around, including up to RA for the corner work. Hah! It actually made it onto the track as that's how you get to the corner for work.

What to do in winter? - Feb. 11, 2001

Yeah, why not take the daily driver out to the Wisconsin Autosports Group's Ice Trials? At least we've got snows on!

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