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The saga outlined...

  • Preparation for the year

  • These are  pics of the first RX-7

  • Midwestern Council open track Autocross - July 15, 2000 @ Blackhawk
  • The whole story   Results: 2nd in DM class

    Too hot out of 3a!
    Recovering from a spin, only lost a couple sec!
    Another round done

  • Porsche Club August 28, 2000 @ Road America

  • The whole story

    Remember this for later...
    A smooth (relatively) right front.  Notice the E-Jag in the background
    Wearing the logo
    The O'Reilly Motorcars turbo Audi in the background
    The business side of the rotary
    Notice the intake and big Dellorto carb

  • Porsche Club - September 27, 2000 @ Blackhawk

  • The whole story Sorry, no pictures. I wish I would have got one of the front brakes smokin for 15 minutes after the last session though!

  • Midwestern Council open track Autocross - September 30, 2000 @ Blackhawk

  • The whole story     Results: 3rd in DM class

    Ouch! Meeting a tire wall"
    Some crumpled metal, lots of black marks
    More ouch
    Another view
    The pretzelized contol arm
    Not a mark on the rim or tire.  What's up?

  • A new member of the family! - November 17, 2000

  • The whole story Found an '85 GS in NC with a bad engine. All else looks good. Note to self: Buy all your cars down south. Soooo clean.

    The auction photo
    The auction photo

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