"I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades
For ever and forever when I move."  –Ulysses, by Alfred Tennyson

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1) How Are Shorts Informed?  Short Sellers, News, and Information Processing

with Joseph Engelberg and Adam Reed

[Journal of Financial Economics 105(2), August 2012]

2) A Multiple Lender Approach to Understanding Supply and Search in the Equity Lending Market                           

with Adam Kolasinski and Adam Reed

[Journal of Finance 68(2), April 2013]  

3) Short Interest and Aggregate Stock Returns

with David Rapach and Guofu Zhou
[Journal of Financial Economics 121(1), July 2016]

Link to Appendix

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4) Short Selling Risk

with Joseph Engelberg and Adam Reed
Journal of Finance 73(2), April 2018]

5) The Economic Impact of Index Investing

with Jonathan Brogaard and David Sovich
[Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming]

6) ETF Arbitrage and Return Predictability 

with David Brown and Shaun Davies

[Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Finance]

7) Price Pressure from Short Selling

[working paper]


8) Liquidity Uncertainty

with Peter Haslag

Presented at the 2015 SFS Cavalcade

9) The Information in Asset Fire Sales

with Sheng Huang and Zhe Zhang
[working paper]

Presented at the 2017 Western Finance Association Annual Conference

10) The Limits to (Short) Arbitrage 

   with Jesse Blocher

   [working paper]

   Presented at the 2017 European Finance Association Annual Conference

11) The Causal Impact of Market Fragmentation on Liquidity

   with Peter Haslag
   [working paper]
   Presented at the 2016 American Finance Association Annual Meeting

12) On Index Investing

   with Jeff Coles and Davidson Heath

   [working paper]

   To Be Presented at the 2018 Financial Intermediation Research Society Conference

   To Be Presented at the 2018 Western Finance Association Annual Conference

13) Converting Short Sale Constraints

   with Jesse Blocher

   [working paper]

   To Be Presented at the 2018 Western Finance Association Annual Conference

14) Are Cross-Sectional Predictors Good Market-Level Predictors?

   with Joseph Engelberg, David McLean, and Jeffrey Pontiff

   [Work in progress]

   To Be Presented at the 2019 American Finance Association Annual Conference

15) An Information Factor: Can Informed Traders Make Abnormal Profits?

   with Matthew Ma, Xiumin Martin, and Guofu Zhou

   [working paper]

16) Short Covering 

   with Jesse Blocher

   [working paper]

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