Disclosure of Outside Activities


General disclaimer:

No person or institution with which I am affiliated has any control over what I write, speak, or think.  The opinions expressed in my writing and speeches are not endorsed by any person or institution with which I am affiliated.
The purpose of this document is to disclose financial relationships I have outside of the University.  Below, I provide an outline of all outside activities I have been involved with (past and present).
1) I have given speeches at conferences (both academic and practitioner) where my travel expenses were reimbursed by conference organizers.
2) Prior to my academic career, I worked as a consultant for Charles River Associates (CRA) in Chicago.  In my role at CRA, I was involved in a number of engagements involving third party entities.  Since the beginning of my academic career, I have not been involved with any of my former engagements at CRA.  In addition, occasionally I have worked as an expert consultant and I have been paid for this work.
3) I have been hired as a paid consultant to advise hedge funds on a fixed term basis.