eTransfer Information

payments made easy!

Revelstoke Acrobats now accepts eTransfer payments.

eTransfer payments must only be emailed to:

Payments sent to any other email address will remain unclaimed.

General inquiries, questions or comments are not permitted via the payments address.

important information

Please note: eTransfer payments begin from your online bank account. You can create a payee through your online bank portal.

If you have questions on the process, please contact your bank for assistance.

eTransfers also require a security question and password.

Please use a password that our Acrobats Registrar will know!

Suggestions: What town do we live in (Revelstoke)? What do our kids bounce on? (trampoline)

Please include information in the eTransfer that will help us find your Acrobats account - parent name, student name and telephone address.

This will help us get your payment to your account.