Our Facility

Our facility is located in Begbie View Elementary - 1001 MacKenzie Avenue.

The new facility boasts two Olympic sized in-ground competitive trampolines, a deep foam pit than can be accessed by a double mini trampoline, a harness system, bars, beams, 80 ft rod tumbling floor, 2 air floors as well as an assortment of preschool and recreational equipment!

Everything you need to jump, flip, twist and turn your way into fun!

When you enter in the main doors to the school, go to your right and then take the next left down the hallway past the gymnasium. The Acrobats are through the double doors at the end of the hallway. All kids assemble for classes in the hallway until they are called to participate in their class.

To access the viewing area take the stairs closest to the Acrobats gym. The viewing area will be at the end of the hall through the double doors. Please use this access to avoid interrupting any of the classrooms​ on the second floor of the school.​

If you are trying to access the gym on the weekend and the doors are locked, there is a buzzer/camera system to the Acrobats gym on the left side of the elementary school main entrance doors.

Just hit the button and we can let you in!