Class Cancellation Policy

Revelstoke Acrobats is fully committed to promoting the well being of all members.

We understand that at times, an athlete will enter our program and the decide that they no longer wish to participate or no longer can participate due to other obligations.

Please familiarize yourself with our Class Cancellation Policy so you know what to expect when you remove your child from our program.

class cancellation policy

Cancellation of classes may be done within the first 3 week of classes if an athlete does not wish to continue with the Revelstoke Acrobats Program.

The Registrar and Head Coach must be informed in writing within the 3 week period from each Session start date.

A pro-rated credit will be applied to the account.

GymBC insurance fees will apply to all Acrobat athletes and must be paid prior to attending classes.

This is a non-refundable fee and is applicable from August 1st through July 31st each year.

*Prorated credit (after 3 weeks) will only be given for medical reasons. A doctor’s note must accompany a written request for a refund.

The Registrar and Head Coach must receive the written request in order to request a credit from the Revelstoke Acrobats Board of Directors.

RAC Class Cancellation Policy.docx