How to Get Negative Content Removed from Search Engine Results


When harmful content is published about you online it will likely surface on search engine results for your name. In turn, negative content populating the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of an individuals name has been shown to steer away potential employers, put strains on personal relationships and make dating feel like a lost cause. Likewise, negative items showing up on search engine results when a brand or business is searched online has been shown to steer away potential customers and adversely impact the bottomline.

Fortunately for those businesses and individuals that have had the unfortunate experience of finding their online reputation ruined by negative, reputation-damaging articles, bad reviews, or defamatory comments appearing on the first page of search results, there are a number of strategies that can executed even by those with a very limited, beginners knowledge of online content removal, reputation management, SEO and/or digital branding. Below you'll find the top strategies used by professional online reputation management companies to erase unwanted search results and remove negative internet posts from Google Search, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other conventional internet search engines.

Don't let false negative content sully your good name on Google. Get bad information removed from the internet, delete negative links from search engine results and restore your reputation online.

Remove Negative Google Search Results

How to Remove Negative Results and Unwanted Content from Search Engines

Below you'll find a beginners guide to getting stuff removed from search engine results. If you have questions or need assistance using the form above to get in touch with a company that specializes in removing harmful information from the internet.

3 tactics For eliminating Negative ITEMS from Google Search Results for your name?

1) Remove the Content Yourself, then De-Index the URL to get the negative link of Google Search Results

Remove Outdated Content from Search Results

If you own the website on which the private information or negative content you want removed is published, then removing it from Google Search is quite easy. All you need to do is delete the content or webpage from your site. Once you've done this you can use Google's Outdated Content Removal tool to notify Google that the content is no longer present and the link is dead. Once Google has confirmed that the content in question is indeed gone, the link will typically disappear from search results within 72 hours, but could take as long as one month.

Note: This solution will only work to remove content from a website that you own.

Remove Outdated Content from Search Results

2) Use Copyright Laws to Remove Negative Content from Google Search

Copyright Infringement Remove Content from Google

3) Use the EU Privacy Removal Form to Submit a Personal Information Removal Request

Remove Negative Content from Google with EU Privacy Removal


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