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Mugshot Removal 

How to get criminal arrest records off Google and the Internet

How to Remove Arrest Record Information and Mugshots Images from Google and the Internet

You no longer have to endure the embarrassment of having your criminal arrest records and mugshot photos shared publicly online. With new arrest record and mugshot removal solutions, individuals are able to erase mugshots and get criminal records removed from nearly all mugshot websites and arrest record databases, as well as from conventional web search engines like Google Search, Bing, and Yahoo.

Criminal Arrest Record, Mugshot Image and Police Blotter Removal

Ever get arrested? Did you have a mugshot published online? 

If so you're probably here because you're searching for ways to remove your mugshot from the internet, or get it deleted from Google Search Results in particular.  If this is the case then you're in luck. Whether you want to try to remove your mugshot yourself or skip attempting to remove your arrest record and mugshot images yourself and pay for a mugshot removal service to do it for you, we've taken the liberty to identify the best ways to remove mugshots and arrest records from the internet for free and the best mugshot removal services.

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Option 1: Free, Do It Yourself Mugshot Removal

The Free DIY mugshot removal approach is the only free (or in some cases, almost free) way to remove an arrest record and mugshot from Google search.  

While this is obviously the most cost effective option available to remove arrest information, police reports and mugshot photos from websites and internet search engines, it can be very difficult to accomplish.  This is especially true if, like most people, you want to get it off the internet in a timely manner, and without having to furnish official court documentation showing that the arrest was expunged, sealed or dismissed.

Option 2: Mugshot Removal Services

Hiring a company that specializes in getting arrest data and mugshot images removed from search engines and the internet, such as Defamation Defenders, a Boulder, Colorado-based online reputation repair firm, and, is a good way to quickly clean up your arrest record and mugshot image online after an police report surfaces on web search engines like Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo. 

While these services are not free, they make it quick and easy to get your arrest record and mugshot taken down from websites, and removed from search engine results; hence, these services can save you a lot of time and effort.  

How to get mugshot images and arrest information off Google and removed from the internet

If you are interested in using a paid solution to remove your arrest information and police booking picture from the internet, see reviews of mugshot removal companies here first.

Publishers of Online mugshot images, arrest records and police blotter

A number of states, including California, Georgia, Virginia have passed mugshot removal laws that regulate the publication and/or removal of arrest records and mugshot pictures online. In other U.S. states, however, where privacy laws are lax and public records are readily available, mugshot sites are rampant, as is charging for the removal of mugshots.

List of 2023 Mugshot Websites

On the list below you will find national mugshot and arrest record search sites.  These sites publish mugshots from all around the United States, as opposed to regional mugshot websites that cover specific U.S. states or regions.


Dissimination & Removal of Mugshots Solutions by State

Arrest Record and Mugshot Publication/Removal Laws by State.

Certain states, including Florida as of 2023, have laws regulating mugshot publications and restricting people from paying the websites that publish these records to remove records.  

Find the information on state mugshot publications and mugshot removal below to see how mugshot law differs by state and see if your State has passed a Bill that will help you get your mugshot removed (free of charge).




How to Remove Hawaii Mugshots and Arrest Information


How to Remove Idaho Arrest Information and Mugshot Images


Remove Indiana Arrest Record and Mugshot Photo


Iowa Mugshot Removal


Kansas Mugshot Removal














OR Mugshot Removal


PA Mugshot Removal


RI Mugshot Removal

Rhode Island

SC Mugshot Removal

South Carolina

Remove Vermont Arrest Information Online


How to Remove Virginia Mugshots


Remove WA Mugshot


WV Arrest Mugshots Removal

West Virgina

Remove Wisconsin Mugshots and Arrest Information


Wisconsin Mugshot Removal


Online Arrest Record & Mugshot Removal Discussions

Have questions about removing arrest records from Google Search or getting your mugshot off of the internet?  Browse the mugshot removal Q&A discussion group below to find answers to your questions. Don't see an answer to your question?  Join the mugshot removal discussion on Google Groups to post your question.

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