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Ex Revenge and Cheater Posts  

User-generated gossip and cheater websites allow disgruntled ex-lovers to post derogatory and often unfounded claims about current or former significant others and their lovers. More and more cheater and revenge sites have been popping up in recent years.

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Can you sue the cheater site that defamed you?

Because posts found on cheater websites are submitted by users and not by the owners or admins of the websites, these sites are protected by the Communications and Decency Act of 1996 (AKA The Great Internet Sex Panic of 1995). It is for this reason that websites such as and have rained victorious in the lawsuits filed against them thus far.

Remove Ex Revenge Posts

Cheater Revenge Post Content Removal Services 

Online reputation management, public relations, and content removal companies now offer services to remove cheater website content use a variety of tactics to ensure posts are taken down from cheater sites and removed from search engines promptly and in a discrete manner.  

Cheater Websites

There are literally hundreds of websites that allow, and in many cases encourage visitors, to report cheating spouses, untruthful lovers, homewreckers, and other people that they're angry at.

List of Cheater Sites 

Below you will find a list of a handful of the most notorious expose cheater revenge sites on the web.  If you find your name and/or photo posted on any of the below websites use the contact form above to connect with an online information removal specialist that can help you get negative information off the internet.

Regardless of what cheater website it is that exposed your picture, name, and/or personal information online, there are proactive measures you can take to alleviate the situation, remove the content from search results and rebuild your internet reputation.  To talk with a preferred cheater site removal specialist please fill out the form above. 

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