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Clean up your name on Google Search and other major search engines, and remove private information from the internet, then you're in the right place.

Here you'll find tutorials to that will help you get private information removed from websites and search engines.

Tips to Clean up your information on web search engines

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Remove Online Information Search Engine Results

Why is it important to clean up your results on search engines like Google and Bing? What kind of information can be removed from search results?

These are common questions and maintaining a positive presence on the results of the major search engines is crucial to the success of professionals and companies in today’s data-driven world. Offensive social media profiles or unflattering information (such as criminal background records) that show up in Google search results for your name can adversely impact your professional career, dating life, and relationships with friends and family.

Do negative, private, or unwanted articles show up on internet searches when you search your name? Find out how to remove every negative press item, article, and a false, defamatory, or undesirable bit of information about you or your business removed from search results.

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Remove Online Information Court Cases

Public Court Record Removal

Do public court cases or legal records show up on Google Search when your name is searched? Don't let online court documentation compromise your good name. Learn solutions to get court records deleted from the internet.

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How to remove news article information online

Online News Article Removal Solutions

Because of the reluctance of news sites' authors, editorial staff and admins, it is notoriously difficult to remove unwanted articles from most major news publications. While in most cases removal of a news article is not possible, there are a number of ways to diminish the impact a negative online news story will have on your online reputation.

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How to Remove Complaints Website Information Online

Online Complaints Removal

Consumer complaint websites exist to help aid and educate the public on scams, bad businesses, and untrustworthy products.

However, when the negative claims and outrageous complaints submitted on these websites is unverified and unmoderated, they can quickly become a problem for small business owners. Find out how to remove negative feedback and consumer complaints online.

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How to Remove Revenge Posts and Cheater Website Information from Online

Cheater Website Post Removal

Find out how you can get your name, and other online information removed from the leading expose cheater websites - i.e. websites dedicated to exposing infidelity online. Find solutions to get rid of negative internet posts on cheater websites, hate-driven web forums and other online sources.

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How to remove social media information from Google and the internet

Remove Social Media Information from the Internet

Clean up social media profiles and posts with proven solutions to get unwanted content removed from social sites. Learn how to use privacy policy settings, TOS and online reputation tactics to help you or your business improve your social profiles, secure your private data and improve your online presence.

Find resources and get How To advice on having offensive social media posts, profiles and defamatory content removed from internet search engines.

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Video Tutorials and DIY instructions to remove personal information from Google and the Internet

Wondering why Google isn't removing some awful page that contains offensive content, false information or potentially harmful material? In the video below, software Engineer Matt Cutts, the former Google Administrator and a respected TED Talks speaker, offers internet search users a detailed explanation of the the search engine giant's reasons for not removing most web pages, videos, and other content that users want removed. Year after year, such users have made millions of unsuccessful requests to Google, some politely asking, others not-so-poliley demanding that certain websites, web pages, videos, photos and all other types of content that can be found on Google Search be removed from the Google Search Index, thereby preventing it from being found on Google Search, regardless of the search query entered.