Alabama Mugshot and Arrest Record Removal

Remove Alabama Arrest Records and Mugshots

Learn about removing arrest information and mugshot photos from public record in the State of Alabama. Learn about Alabama mugshot laws and find ways to get your personal information and arrest record removed from various Alabama mugshot websites.

Alabama Mugshot Websites

Dozens of arrest record search websites, mugshot databases and State and regional news sites in Alabama routinely publish the mugshots of those arrested within State Boundaries.

Where Can You Find Alabama Mugshots and Arrest Records for Free?

Below are some of the most popular websites used for finding Alabama arrest records and jail mugshot photos.

Alabama Mugshot and Arrest Publication Removal Law

Alabama Mugshot Removal Law: House Bill 135 would have required operators of website containing an arrest photograph and personal information of a person charged with a crime to remove, at no charge, the photograph and information within a specified period after notice that the person was acquitted, the charges were dropped, or the charges were otherwise resolved without conviction.

Under this new proposed Alabama mugshot removal law, failure to remove the photograph and personal information upon request would have been treated as a deceptive trade practice. Hence if the mugshot website's administrators failed to take down the infringing content, they could have been sued under the Alabama Deceptive Trade Practices Act for damages.

Failed Alabama House Bill 135

Status of Alabama Mugshot Bill: Failed

View the official documentation for failed Alabama mugshot bill HB 135 filed in Alabama State Court below.