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Successful online reputation repair can be tricky without consulting professionals in online reputation management (ORM) and/or public relations (PR).

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Not only does keeping up your own online reputation without the help of a company, or (team of) expert online reputation management (ORM) consultants/strategists whose capabilities encompass such reputation work take a lot of time and resources, for it to be carried out in the right way - i.e in a way that will keep positive results that include publications highlighting your brand's accomplishments, accolades, awards, top offerings, and advantages over the competition.

Top reputation management companies know how to get this positive content in front of customers by ranking it at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for your brand or company name. At the same time, the best online reputation management services take a similar set of measures to help ensure that any negative content, unwanted images, and private information that exists on the internet and is populating the SERPs of Google and Bing for your name, or that of your brand or business, is removed from internet, or at least pushed back on search engine results, out of public sight, ranking in a position on SERPS where only a small percentage reach when performing a web search.

For reasons which should by now be apparent, repairing, managing, and protecting one's online reputation is best done by, and often requires the attention of, interdisciplinary expertise that is typically not found in any one digital marketing company, or under one roof, other than that of a company specializing solely in reputation management, that is.

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Don't fall victim to the scrupulous solutions offered by an untrusted online reputation management company. We've been researching and rating SEO and online reputation services for well over a decade now. During the many years we've been intimately involved in digital marketing, SEO and reputation management, we've had ample time to compile a plethora of unique online reputation management statistics, and useful data on all the top businesses offering reputation repair, review management, and any and all other types of service, software or solution related to reputation management.

How to find the best online reputation management services for your business

What to look for in an online reputation management company?

Many of those looking to hire a reputation company are in a state of marketing or public relations emergency, having been viciously attached on a public social media thread, or finding that an ex lover is spreading lies on websites like The Dirty, or Ripoff Report, or worse yet leaking private intimate photos you trusted him/or her to take and dispose of ethically and appropriately. In times like this it is tempting to hire the top, most apparent result (typically an ad) on the search results page when you search Google for help with your online reputation problem, whatever the particulars may be.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself, and points to keep in mind when looking into online reputation management as a possible option, and/or when comparing reputation management companies and deciding which to hire.

How much does online reputation management cost?

How much reputation management companies charge for the services rendered is of course a top factor in determining which company to hire for your online reputation needs.


The prices charged by different companies for the same, or similar reputation repair services can vary greatly from one reputation management company to the next. In most cases were not talking a differences of $100s or even $1000s, but often tens of thousands of dollars. Even more for long term reputation management agreements of the sort typically made with large, multinational, and often publicly traded companies, or those enlisted by high-profile CEOs and A-list celebrities.

How long does online reputation management take?

Duration of to complete online reputation management campaigns

Timeframe of an online reputation management project refers to how long it will take to achieve the reputation-related goals set out by the reputation management company.

In some cases, especially those involving reputation monitoring, the services may be ongoing. However, most online reputation repair campaigns have a set or expected duration.

What experience do the reputation management company and its management team have?

The importance one looking for online reputation management services should place on Experience can not be understated.


Prior to putting any money up, or signing an agreement with a reputation company, take an in depth look at the experience of the reputation management companies you're considering doing business with. It's important to take into account not only how long the company has been in business, but how long it's been offering the online reputation management services you're seeking to outsource. Also important in evaluating the experience of reputation managers is researching the key executives and management team of the ORM companies you're considering hiring in the the niches of internet marketing relevant to the online reputation management help you're looking for, as well as their business experience in general.

What are this company's specialties in reputation management?


Find an online reputation management company that specializes in the solutions you need.

For instance, if you're looking to remove defamatory content from search results you'll want to find a firm specializing in negative content removal. If you're wanting to monitor and manage reviews, on the other hand, search for a business-oriented reputation management company that has effective review management software and review removal strategies in place.

What noteworthy industry awards, recognitions, accomplishments, etc. in the industry has the reputation company received for solutions relating to reputation repair or review management solutions?


It's a good idea to narrow your search for reputation help to firms that earned notable credibility by earning awards and recognition from authoritative sources on digital marketing, public relations, local SEO, online reviews, and online reputation management, that are unbiased and conduct an in-depth analysis of the online reputation repair firms prior to reviewing, ranking and awarding such companies.

What are customers saying about this company and its services?


First, perform a search on Google Search for the name of the reputation management firms you're considering hiring combined with the term "reviews" to see what past customers have to say about the services and support they received. You can also search review sites and consumer complaint websites individually to see if the company has any negative comments that look credible. Some sites you might want to check for feedback include OnlineReputation.Services, Google Maps, TrustPilot, SiteJabber,

Top Private Content Removal Service Reviews

Removing private information and negative content from the internet is a critical part of what most reputation management companies do. Online Reputation Removal services can help you protect your internet privacy and defend your reputation online.

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Top Online Review Management & Review Services

For businesses, managing online reviews is a must to attract new customers and keep past customers coming back. Online review management platforms help businesses include software to monitor and control reviews and services to respond to and remove bad reviews.

Best Companies for Individuals Online Reputation Management

Executives, students, educators, and all sorts of other people utilize online reputation management services for individuals. However, it's not always an easy task for an individual to find affordable personal reputation repair solutions that will actually work. If you're in search of good personal online reputation solutions check out the link below to get started.

Top 21 Online Reputation Management Firms in 2022

Below you'll find a list of the best-rated online reputation management firms we've come across. This list is a progressive collection of top online reputation management companies. We do not claim that it is complete or exhaustive in any way.

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