Camp Rice Moody


Camp Rice Moody is Reading's jewel.

Take a tour through time and learn all about the history of Camp Rice Moody. From Mary Pamela Rice in 1904 to Alice Moody's family's contribution on 1942 to a terrible fire in 1981 to a renovated camp with a new pavilion in 2017, the history document is so revealing.

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Reminder for When Using Camp Rice Moody

  1. Sweep the floor, empty all the trash and remove the trash bags and place them in the dumpster. Wash the floors, clean the table tops and counter tops. If you used punch or markers or anything that stained a table or counter, use appropriate chemical to remove.
  2. Bring your own cleaning supplies, they are not supplied except trash can, trash bags, brooms, mops and pails. Bring paper towels, and 409 or equivalent. If you are cooking and will need to clean any dishes, bring your own dish detergent and towels.
  3. Do not leave goldfish, glitter and feathers on the floor.
  4. EMPTY the trash! If multiple troops are there the last one should empty all trash including bathroom
  5. The bathroom should be cleaned. (If it is simply a troop meeting it is suggested that you limit your group to the use of one bathroom to save cleaning time.
  6. There is a caretaker who LIVES there so please do not steal her tomatoes or otherwise take or destroy her property!

Please note, many troops bring their supplies and leave them behind for others to use. This is great and nice but you cannot be guaranteed that supplies will be there. Leave at your own risk.