The Cool Part

The goal of Compass is to read 20 minutes a day. Regardless of your feelings about it, the bottom line is that it is a time for you to read. BUT here's the


The Part That is Unlike Any Other Class in School

Compass Has:

  • NO homework
  • NO gradable classwork (Your "classwork" is only to help you contribute to discussions. It is not turned in for a grade).
  • NO tests or quizzes on what you read
  • NO essays to write about what you read
  • NO projects to complete to show your comprehension
  • Grades that are solely based on your participation (an easy 'A')
  • Books that YOU choose (the only assigned book is the schoolwide read)
  • Age-Appropriate Books at EVERY level (from struggling reader to college level)
  • The opportunity to interact with the books through discussions with your friends
  • Student-led discussions
  • A safe, non-judgmental environment in which to share your feelings and experiences as they relate to the books you choose