What is Compass?

What is this "Compass" you speak of?

Compass is your 3rd period class that meets Mon. - Thurs. for 23 minutes per day.

Its purpose is to improve the literacy of the entire Ridgeview community without the academic pressures (tests, quizzes, projects, homework) of other classes. Since the goal is improvement instead of skill or standard mastery, every student in the building can be successful.

Why Does Compass Improve Literacy?

Countless scientific studies have been done to determine the best way to improve one's reading. The answer that surfaces most frequently is that the best way to improve your reading is to, well,

This is why your old elementary teachers used to tell you how important it was that you read for 20 minutes every day.

Just like in basketball, piano, and swimming, you have to practice on a regular basis to improve your skills. These reading skills include accuracy, speed, vocabulary, decoding, and comprehension

But, But, But...

...reading gives me headaches.

...reading takes me too long.

...I'm not good at reading.

...I forget what I read.

...I don't like reading.

...reading is too hard.

...reading is boring.

...I'd rather be doing... anything else.

...I'm already a good reader.

...I don't have time to read.

...I have more important things to do.

...there's nothing good to read.

Did I get them all? Did I list all of the excuses as to why you don't read?

Now let's think back to a long time ago... back to when "storytime" was AWESOME! Here are some images to help spark your memory:

Bedtime Stories

Book Character Day

Pajama Reading Day


Book Buddies

Favorite Books

Book Fairs

What Changed?

It is probably not the "stories" you're opposed to... it's the "work" that goes with reading. But once you find a story you love, the "work" decreases and the old enjoyment and excitement you got from Storytime returns. And again, the more you practice, the better you get - at anything, but especially at reading. As your reading slowly improves, you will see school improving in ALL areas.

How Will School Improve if I Work on my Reading for 20 Minutes per Day?

This is a little bit different for everybody; however, here is a list of possible areas of growth:

  • Improved reading comprehension
  • Improved speed of reading
  • Improved ability to "figure out big words"
  • Improved vocabulary (speaking and writing)
  • Improved reading stamina (how long you can read at one sitting)
  • Improved memory for what you read
  • Improved writing (not the handwriting, the ideas)
  • Improved overall communication skills
  • Improved spelling
  • Improved critical thinking skills
  • Increased speed on completing assignments, homework, and tests
  • Improved understanding in the content areas
  • Improved standardized test scores
  • Improved grades in all areas (passing grades means eligible to be on sports teams)
  • Improved general knowledge (sound and feel smarter)
  • Improved self-esteem and sense of self-worth
  • Increased understanding of the world around you