Compass Library

What is Libib?

  • Libib is a web-based searchable and sortable database of the books available for Compass.
  • Students use it to find books they want to read.
  • Teachers use it to check out the books.

How Do I Use Libib?

Let's look at the diagram:

To Search for a Particular Book:

  • Enter a title, author, or keyword into the Search Window and hit return

To Browse the Library:

There are multiple ways to browse Libib.

  • Simply scroll down the page to see the titles.
  • The titles are listed in alphabetical order. So you may select a letter and browse all of the titles that begin with that letter.
  • You can click the Tag List in order to select a genre, subject, topic, reading level, or other characteristic. Select the tag that interests you, click outside of the Tag menu, and scroll down to see all of the books with that "tag."

To Get to the Site:

Now That I Have Found a Book I Want to Read, What Do I Do Next?

Only teachers have accounts to allow them to check books out of the Compass Library. You need to do one of two things in order to get your book:

  • Write down the full title of the book (including the author helps, too), the number of copies your group will need, and if the title includes the tag "Requires Permission" and submit that to your teacher. S/he will check them out and bring them back to the classroom.
  • Take a screenshot of the book you would like to check out and send it to your teacher's email with a message including the number of copies your group will need and if the title includes the tag "Requires Permission".


  • Select more than one title at a time so that your teacher has your "second choice" if the book is unavailable when s/he goes to check it out.
  • Plan ahead. Don't wait until you finish a book to request the next one or you will have a gap of no books. As you begin the last chapter of your current book, request the next one.
  • Don't worry so much about the reading level. Choose a book you will enjoy because of what it is about.


Certain books require that your parent sign a permission slip before you can check it out. All books are carefully selected for the Compass library; however, some parents would like their children to be a little older before reading books that contain certain subjects or language. These have a TAG noting the requirement and a note with the type of objectionable material. Your parent can look up that book on and decide if it is appropriate for you.

Checking Books Out of the Compass Library