2018 Women In Science Conference
Tuesday, March 6th
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Keynote Speaker

Jeanne Deaver

Boeing 737 Pilot

Mechanical Engineer


As a kid growing up in Western Nebraska, my favorite hobby was staring up at the sky…  watching airplanes fly overhead during the day and seeing so many stars visible in the night sky.  At the age of 17, my family moved to South Dakota.  My favorite classes at Sturgis Brown were Math and Physics!  My teacher, Larry Hines, saw my enthusiasm and encouraged me to pursue a career in STEM from South Dakota School of Mines.  I earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and began my career at the Boeing Company.                                                                                       

Flying as a flight test engineer in the back of Boeing test airplanes inspired a desire to learn how to fly myself.  I started taking flying lessons, eventually earned all of my ratings, flew as a flight instructor, and at a regional airline and finally achieved my goal.  Alaska Airlines hired me a little over five years ago and now I finally fly Boeing airplanes!!  I look forward to talking to you about the importance of STEM, how a STEM education can benefit a non-STEM career, and how mentoring is an important for everyone.

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Student Comments

"That we need to follow the path that we love the most, and reconsider what is important in our life and what would we be willing to give up to achieve our goals."
"I learned that even though people may tell you no, you must always follow your heart!!"
"Anything worth while is never easy."
"We can do anything as long as we work hard."
"That no matter what, shadow, shadow, shadow."

"The sky isn't the limit/follow your dreams.  I learned a lot about science that I didn't already know."

"I learned that you don't have to do what your parents think you're good at."

"To never give up, and through all of the tuff times of people saying you can't do it.  Just remember you can.  Do what you want.  Not others."

"Follow your dreams even when you are the only girl."

"How many different things in science or jobs that people have.  I loved everything about the sessions."

"That people are creating new technologies that are operated with your eyes."

"That it's okay to be different, in the future it could benefit you in ways you don't realize now!"

"Don't let people tell you that you're not brilliant."

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