Research & Skills

Hands-on expertise:
Data Analysis: Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Omics Data, Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis on Multimodal Data, Algorithm Development, Implementation of Bioinformatics Pipelines & Software

Modeling: Molecular Simulations (Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics), Stochastic Modeling (Markov Processes), Protein Structure Prediction, de novo Protein Design, Statistical Modeling of in vitro/ex vivo data.

Computer Languages: 
    • Programming: Python, Fortran90
    • Scripting: Shell-scripting, awk, Tcl
    • Statistical: Bioconductor/R, Matlab
    • DBMS: MongoDB
    • Markup: LaTeX, bibTeX, Html.


      • Machine Learning: Bayesian Predictive & Causal Modeling, Ensemble Learning, Clustering, Regression, GLM, SVM etc.
      • NGS Data Manipulation & Analysis: GATK, Samtools, Bedtools, Picard
      • Gene Expression, Transcriptome Assembly, Pathway Analysis: Cufflinks, HTSeq, DESeq2, GSEA, WGCNA
      • Mapping: BWA, STAR, Bowtie, Tophat
      • Network Analysis: Cytoscape, iGraph
      • Molecular Simulation &Visualization: Gromacs, Campari, VMD, Pymol
      • Computational Chemistry: GAMESS
      • Software Development: Docker, github; Cloud computing: AWS
      • Web Application: R-Shiny/Markdown;
      • Operating Systems: Linux, MS-Windows, Mac
      • Graphics Editing: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator