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In Preparation

    • Das RK, Sherry K, Barrick D, Pappu RV (2015) Role of Intrinsic Disorder in Transcriptional Activation in Notch Signaling . To be submitted in Nat. Commun.
    • Das RK, Keppel T, Monsey J, Pike L, Bose R, Pappu RV (2015) Atomic Level Characterization of Intrinsic Disorder in Cytoplasmic Tail of EGF Receptor. To be submitted 
    • Das RK, Ruff K, Pappu RV (2015) Functional Implications of Intrinsic Helicities within DNA Binding Motif of Intrinsically Disordered bZIP Transcription Factors. To be submitted in Biophys. J.