This section will cover all of the issues involved wtih getting from A to B.

Navigation using a compass


Electronic Mapping

Free Topographical Maps of Anywhere

Here is an awesome website which allows you to use google maps to select a location, zoom as much as you want and generate a Topo map which you can then print out and use in your Bug Out System or for just everyday hiking etc.

Just navigate to where you would like a map of then click "MyTopo" on the upper right of the google maps frame. Then click on either Landscape or Portrait under the google map frame and your browser will up a new tab with your custom topo map for you to print out.

I have maps in my BOB of my families houses, work, home, and bug out location. I am going to be working on making a more complete map collection and laminate them, 4 hole punch, and put them into a 4 ring binder to keep in my BOV and at home.

Electronic Data

The Bug Out Route

Navigation Basics:

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