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The Power of Words

Some believe the school-yard taunt: "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me."

They're wrong. Words can and will hurt you.

I'm not referring to the caustic ones spoken (or received) tainted with sarcasm, irritation, anger or frustration,
carrying an emotional punch.
I'm talking about simple, everyday, normal word choices.
These words, like black ice, are not an obvious danger at first glance.

However, a new idea (*) that can be incorporated into our prior knowledge, physically changes us at the neural level.
So the words that carry the ideas can impact your results especially if they carry toxic ideas.
So, user-beware.

Words create impressions, images and expectations.
They build psychological connections.
They influence how we think.
Since thoughts determine actions, there's a powerful connection between the words we use and the results we get.

Shifting words make shifting minds and shift results.

Try these words: problem and challenge.
Would you rather a boss see your mistake as a problem or as a challenge?
It's more than semantics.
Problems are fixed; challenges are met.
Different words evoke different feelings.
I have a more positive frame of mind meeting a challenge than fixing a problem. .

Poorly chosen words can kill enthusiasm, impact self-esteem, lower expectations and hold people back.
Well chosen ones can motivate, offer hope, create vision, impact thinking and alter results.
I learned that my words have power over my thoughts and actions.
They also impact and influence people I speak them to.

If you want to be succesfull at Survival, learn to harness your word power to work for, not against you.
Select words that create a visual of the desired outcome; and choose each word as if it mattered.
You might be surprised how much it does.
Want better results?
Check your words.



From the movie ‘Inception’ by Christopher Nolan:



What’s the most resilient parasite?

A bacteria?

A virus?

An intestinal worm?


An idea.

Resilient, highly contagious.


Once an idea’s taken hold in the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.

A person can cover it up, ignore it- but it stays there.



But surely-to forget...?



Information, yes.
But an

Fully formed, understood?

That sticks...

(taps forehead)

In there, somewhere..