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USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive  for Survival & Bug Out


To prepare for a localized survival scenario in which you will eventually have to re-enter regular society make it much easier on yourself and back-up your most important documents ahead of time.

All you have to do is organise a USB flash drive, (check links for a waterproof one) scan/photograph all of your important documents, and store them on your flash drive in your Bug Out Bag.
Bug Out and you’ve brought your all important “life on paper” with you.

What to put on your Flash Drive?

+ Passport
+ Driver’s License
+ Diploma's
+ Bank Account Documents
+ Birth Certificate
+ Social Security Card
+ Insurance Information
+ Marriage Certificate|
+ All of the above for all Children
+ Important Family Pictures
+ Handgun Carry Permit


*Don’t go buy a scanner if you don’t have one, just take the stuff to an Office Center and have them scan it all for you.

**Warning: Modern Copy Machine and Scanners have an internal Hard Drive that keep a digital copy of everything they scan. All it takes is one malicious worker at the store to steal your identity. If at all possible find a private copy machine and scanner.

Be extremely careful keeping up with your Survival Flash drive, back in the regular world that is your identity.

Special USB  Flash Drives:

In a pocket knife:
Shock and waterproof: