Bug Out Finance

Bug Out Financial Issues

In a non TEOTWAWKI situation the Financial Bug-Out Bag may very well be a life-saver. 
Basically it is an accordion file with your critical financial documents and possibly even some cash.
If you found yourself having to quickly take shelter from a natural disaster (flood, wildfire, windstorm), 
this bag could potentially help you get back on your feet more quickly.
Most of these items should already be in your safe deposit box or in a secured, fire resistant safe at your home,
so copies would be your best bet for your Financial Bug-Out Bag.
What to put in your Financial Bug-Out Bag?
Here are a few suggestions:
  • Credit card statements and copies of your cards (front and back)
  • Birth certificates for you and your loved ones
  • Marriage certificate
  • Social Security cards
  • Drivers licenses
  • Health insurance
  • Any important medical records or information on prescriptions
  • Eyeglasses or contact lens prescriptions
  • Passports
  • Any titles, deeds, or registrations for real estate
  • Titles, or registrations for any vehicles you own
  • Mortgage and other loan information
  • Insurance policies or at least the policy numbers
  • Property appraisals
  • A list of high value items (jewelry, artwork, collections, etc)
  • Investment records
  • Income tax returns
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Bank account records
  • Employer benefit statements
(original idea by Ron Haynes)

Here are a few other ideas in preparation for an actual Bug Out situation

General remark: Keep large amounts of financial items, especially jewelry, out of sight.
You do not want to attract to much attention.
Do not keep everything in the same place.

Cash Money
Allways carry at least € 50,00 in small denominations and € 10,00 worth of coins in your EDC.
People will only 'value' cash money which they recognize.

Euro's, Dollars and local currency
There is an increasing amount of countries in the world where the Euro is preferred
to the local currency. In many countries the dollar is still favorite.

Credit cards
Make sure you are familiar with safety issues regarding Credit Cards.
Use of credit cards can be traced.

Silver and Gold Coins
Silver coins make good barter items.
Most jewelers will convert silver coins to a local currency.
Make sure to be familiar with the current world 'spot' prices.
I prefer silver coins over gold coins.

Silver and Gold Barter items
Jewelry allways make good barter items.
Consider a gold chain with medium sized chackles which can be taken of with ease.
Wear it on you but keep the chain out of sight.

Access to Bank Account(s)
If you have a bank account set up for emergency situations, make sure that all responsible adults have access to it and know how to get to it.

Also make sure that anyone who does have access is a responsible adult.
You don't want to be out on the street after a disaster only to find your emergency account empty because "someone" needed shopping money (or worse) last month.

Automated Cash Tellers
You can withdraw cash from an ATM only if you carry the proper 'plastic'.

Pay Pal
If you have access to the Internet consider Pay Pal as an option.
Opening an account is easy.

Other Country
If you plan to Bug Out to another country make sure to set up a bank account in that country.

Bank Accounts
Make sure you have 2 bank accounts preferably with international banks.


7 Reasons for keeping money in your BOB: http://survivalcache.com/survival-money/