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To Bug Out means successfully getting from A to B in a crisis situation.

I.e. without getting hurt or killed...

Bugging out is in our nature! It is an integral part of our survival instinct.

It may very well be the most thrilling and exhilarating activity you will do in your entire life!

(you can get a lot of excitement from training and exercise as well!).

The term "BUG OUT" is related to survival and disaster preparedness.

The Bug Out Strategy involves preparing and planning to move when something bad happens that makes your current location untenable or unsustainable.

So, the focus is on a preparing for a controlled evacuation using a ‘Bug Out Strategy’.

However this could and should be an integral part of a broader (long-term) Survival Strategy because you should avoid becoming a refugee at all cost!

Although based on the European/Dutch situation, the information provided on this site is as Universal as possible.

My personal 'Rationale' for this site can be traced to this article: http://www.countercurrents.org/po-norman181006.htm


Also read this excellent article about Bugging Out:


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