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Magneto Repairs (motorcycles only):      Lucas K1F, K2F, KVF, MO1, N1. BTH KC-1/2. Rewinds, new capacitors, bearings, oil seals, remagnetising, etc.

Dynamo Repairs (motorcycles only): Lucas E3L, E3LM. 12v conversions, new armatures, bearings, brushes, field coils, polarity check and correct, zinc plating.    

ATD Repairs:               BSA and Triumph units repaired when parts are available.                              

BSA A7 and A10 spares:  One of the most comprehensive stocks of spares in the UK    

Magneto & ATD spares:      Bearings, pickups, oil seals, insulation cups, brushes, end caps, i.d. labels......

Ignition spares:          Coils, spark plugs, HT lead, points, Electronic ignition conversion kits......

Dynamo  & Regulator parts: Armatures, field coils, brushes, repair kits, bearings, DC regulators (6 / 12v)…...

Electrical spares:       Headlamps, rear lights, ammeters, connectors, switches, horns, looms...….

Universal spares: Handlebar grips, levers, tyres, inner tubes, lubricants, mirrors, tools.

Cables Cables for all A7, A10 and some other models, universal cables, DIY cables.

Chain Primary and secondary chains for most models.

Fasteners Universal nuts, bolts, washers, all BSCY thread, grease nipples.

Fuel system Fuel lines and parts, taps, carburettor parts.

Technical support:                   Support for customers with BSA A10, charging, or magneto issues.

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Thank you for looking at my website. I do my best to help people with their BSA A10 issues and anything connected with motorcycle magnetos, dynamos, and d.c. electrical systems. I have been restoring magnetos and dynamos for over 30 years and I have been an A10 owner for over 40 years. I like to work on my own projects and I have family obligations so I don't spend the whole week in the workshop! However I'll always do my best to help customers and I like to meet deadlines for the completion of jobs.  I am proud of my reputation which is to provide a personal and friendly service. I normally reduce workshop hours in the summer and there'll be a notice displayed at the top of the page when this, and any other holidays, are planned. 

Andrew Guttmann