Magneto & ATD Spares & Electronic Ignition

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DV - ATD and manual drive gear parts:- Fibre wheels, springs, rivets, drive gear nuts, manual cable mushroom.

E - Electronic ignition (if you really must!), Magneto substitute.

F – Hardware and points covers:- body and cam housing screws, fasteners, pickup and points cover clips, points covers, bearings, oil seals, I.D labels

HT- HT side and carbons:- slip rings, pickups & screws and brushes, mushroom HT connectors , earth brushes and earth brush holders.

For HT lead, HT lead connectors, acorns, acorn covers, split washers plug caps and spark plugs see ‘Ignition System Components – general’ page.

M – Lucas M series (MO1 etc.) parts:- Drive gear, clutch, end cover gasket and magdyno fixings, straps, trunions, bolts, base fixing screws, mounting plate (Norton)

P – Points and cam components:- points, camplate securing clips, points repair parts.

SR1 SR1 end cap

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