Terms & Conditions

Please read everything below. All magnetos, dynamos, ATD's and retail sales are handled according to my terms of business below.

General terms of business: Please note opening hours, and holiday periods on the Introduction page. Customers may visit by appointment only.

Prices: Website prices for workshop services are 100% correct and are reviewed every six months. Website prices for spares were correct at time of uploading but are subject to change. In most cases the prices are correct but I have to reserve the right to modify prices if necessary. Spares pages are reviewed about every six months so there may be price increases in the interim period.


Initial contact: Please contact me before sending your work. I reserve the right to decline work for any reason. As from April 2016 I no longer take in work from overseas; apologies to my many customers abroad. Retail sales remain available to customers worldwide.

Parts: I prefer to use original manufacturer's components where possible. Refurbished original components are often better than new, pattern parts. If you have any preferences please let me know with your instructions. I am always willing to give a good price for trade-in magnetos, dynamos and components as part-payment for your work.

What to send: Everything! If you are sending a magneto it is important to include all pickups, brushes, HT leads and plug caps.

Postage from you to me: Please use a track and trace arrangement and retain your receipt carefully. Be extra careful with packaging. I often receive magnetos which have been damaged in transit. Assume your magneto is going to be dropped from height or used as a football! I have received MO1's with the bodies completely smashed. Pickups are often broken, points cover clips are often bent or snapped; it is best to remove these items but include them in your packaging. Please also include HT leads, spark plugs and plug caps. The best packaging for magnetos is a towel, carpet underlay or dense foam. Bubble wrap is not recommended.

Postage from me to you in the UK: A restored magneto could be worth anything between £300 and £800. The cost of postage will reflect the level of insurance you choose. The insurance can be for cash compensation, or replacement if your magneto or dynamo is of a popular type. Typically, a K2F magneto or E3l dynmamo, insured for £300, will cost about £18 to post. I normally use a 3-day, signed for, service for delivery.

Payment: All work must be paid for prior to collection or delivery. All work must be paid for within 28 days of completion as shown on the 'track your job' page. I reserve the right to levy a storage charge of £5 per week for each magneto or dynamo not paid for within 28 days of completion. See further information on 'Ordering and Payment' below.

Your Details: When sending your magneto or dynamo don't forget to include your name, address and telephone numbers so that I can telephone you with an estimate before commencing work. If you have an e-mail address please include that too and, ideally, send me an e-mail so that I know it's on the way.

Guarantees: Magnetos.

I give a 2-year guarantee on all magneto work. This presumes that the magneto has not been tampered with and, if fitted, has been fitted correctly. The guarantee does not cover shipping / postage costs. The warranty ceases upon change of ownership of the machine. If you have a problem please telephone me and let me know what the problem is. If you have just received your magneto or if it has been running on the bike for some time you should let me know straight away if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the work or if the magneto seems to be performing poorly . Do not, under any circumstances, dismantle any part of your magneto as this will invalidate your guarantee. I will endeavour to put the matter right to your satisfaction either by repairing or replacing the magneto or negotiating a refund.


Dynamos are a little bit more difficult to guarantee as incorrect fitment, or the use of non-standard accessories, can cause failure of the armature or field coil. In the event of failure of either a new armature or new field coil I am happy to repair or rebuild on a non-profit basis. As with magnetos it is important not to dismantle your dynamo as this makes finding the original fault more difficult - sometimes impossible. I reserve the right to reject any warranty claims where the dynamo has been interfered with, to a significant degree, by the customer.


Once serviced should last a lifetime (whatever that is!). I provide an unconditional two-year guarantee and a further two years on a non-profit basis.

Sales & Spares U.K. (International - see below)

Postage from me to you in the UK: There is a minimum charge on all items, details on the Home Page. Charges are normally broadly in line with cost. I don't aim to make a profit on postage. Postage, insurance arrangements and associated charges will be advised at time of order.

Minimum order size: Please note the details stated on the Home Page.

Delivery time: Goods will be posted on the same day or next working day after receipt of payment; UK deliveries of small items usually go first class, larger items may use a 3 day, signed for, service.

Returns: Faulty goods will be accepted and refunded accordingly. I am under no obligation to accept the return of goods which have been ordered incorrectly, nor goods which have been damaged by the customer. Should I choose to accept the return of incorrectly ordered parts I will apply a restocking/administration charge of 10% unless replacement goods of a similar or higher value are purchased at the same time.

Ordering and Payment

Ordering from the Sales and Spares lists: Send your list by e-mail or telephone. I will confirm that goods are in stock and advise total price including postage. Prices are mostly correct and there is no need to add VAT.

Paying for spares and services:

1. Debit or credit card payment over the phone. There is a surcharge on credit card payments, no surcharge on debit cards.

2. Cheque to 'Priory Magnetos Ltd'. I reserve the right to hold goods until cheques are cleared into my account.

3. Paypal to my account, 'themagnetoman@ntlworld.com'. There will be a surcharge on Paypal payments.

4. Instant bank transfer - Santander sort code: 09-01-28 account: 08486775

5. Cash on collection (callers by appointment please).

Sales & Spares, International

  • Payment for international orders is by Paypal.

  • There is an initial 5% surcharge on Paypal payments to cover charges levied by paypal. If paypal fees prove to be less you will receive a refund to your paypal account.

  • Shipping charges are estimated and initially may seem excessive but the excess will be refunded to your Paypal account after dispatch so you will only pay the actual shipping cost.

  • Ultimately, your shipping and Paypal fee will be exactly what I have paid.

  • Your goods will be shipped to the address registered with your Paypal account unless you request otherwise.

  • Goods will be sent uninsured unless you request otherwise. Postal insurance is usually very expensive. I will obtain proof of postage. I cannot be held responsible for non-arrival of goods.

  • Where it is necessary to declare a value for Customs duty purposes the actual retail value will be declared.

  • You will receive a copy of your order by e-mail and a Paypal invoice by e-mail within a few hours of each other. Please pay the Paypal invoice a.s.a.p.

  • If any goods are found to be out of stock when I pack your order I will refund their value to your Paypal account.

Please note that I do not 'knock a bit off for cash'. All jobs and sales go through the accounts and I am happy to pay my taxes - somebody has to pay for our excellent schools and hospitals!