Electrical Spares.

For all orders and enquiries please use the contact details on the homepage. I do my best to keep my prices up to date but occasionally there will be increases due to suppliers' price changes. The price you see is the price you pay - no need to add VAT.


A Ammeters and anti rattle seals (O ring fits under ammeter) B battery boxes, batteries and bulbs

F Fuses and fuse holders FR Flasher relay

H Headlamps and parts including pilot lights and bulb holders HN Horns, mounts and horn parts

In Indicator lamps and lenses L Looms, harnesses

R Rear lights, lenses and reflectors S Switches, plug/sockets for switches and components, switch harness

SC Speedo bulb holder W Wiring sundries:- connectors, cable ties, heat shrink tube, terminals

Electrical spares, general 210521