Magneto Repairs and Services

Please telephone to discuss your magneto issues. I may be able to give a rough estimate over the phone even before you put your magneto in the post. The prices below cover most of the work I'm likely to encounter. If your magneto has not been restored before it will need the essential work highlighted in green below. Inevitably, your magneto will need a few other jobs but please don't think your bill is going to be hit by a string of 'add-ons'; the vast majority of magnetos passing through my workshop are repaired for less than £275; in fact some prices have been reduced recently as I now have a lot of parts made exclusively for me. I will contact you, after dismantling your magneto, to give a condition report and estimate. If you decide not to proceed there will be a nominal charge of £10 plus return postage. N.B. I only repair Lucas magnetos as fitted to motorcycles from the late 1930's to the mid 1960's.

The price you see is the price you pay - no need to add VAT !

When you send your magneto to me please make sure it is well packaged, ideally in a bath towel or similar. Please send everything including the pick-ups, HT lead, and plug caps.

Price Guide valid until 9th June 2021

Essential work for magnetos not previously restored:-

Strip and rebuild including magnet boost where necessary £75.00

Fit exchange armature with new windings and capacitor £130.00

Potential additional work depending upon inspection findings:-

Refit existing drive side bearing with new insulator £18.00 (+ £6.50 for new oil seal)


Fit new drive side bearing and insulator £28.00 (+ £6.50 for new oil seal)

Refit and reinsulate existing points side bearing £12.00


Fit new points side bearing and insulator £22.00

Fit new slip ring £19.00

Rebuild points assembly using existing components £8.00

Repair damaged armature threads £22.00

Repair damaged points keyway (M01) £25.00

Fit new i.d. plate and stamp as required £6.00

Resolve points imbalance and firing interval discrepancy £ dependent upon time taken

Other work identified during inspection £ dependent upon time taken

Additional parts fitted at retail prices

An verbal estimate will be provided after inspection and prior to commencement of any work.