Your Non-Profit

The typical challenges that non-profits face in planning a fundraiser event:

  • incurring upfront cost of hiring an entertainer

  • lack of community support attending the event

Play It For Good alleviates those risks by recommending young and talented musicians to perform at a concert to benefit your non-profit organization, thereby creating a...

Win-Win for Everyone

  • We work with Not-For-Profit organizations to organize a "benefit concert"

  • Young performers gain valuable experience performing in a safe and encouraging environment

  • Young performers contribute their talent to local non-profits, thereby gaining "volunteerism" credentials

  • Friends and family support the young performers, thereby supporting the local non-profit event

  • Low cost entertainment for non-profit fundraisers

  • Non-profits gain exposure and positive public relations within the community which they serve

Q&A: Considerations for Your Non-Profit

    • Are "Play It For Good" benefit concerts suitable for the non-profit organization?

You need to consider whether or not your network of affiliates and constituents are open to supporting this type of event. Marketing is often a key factor that determines the success of a fundraiser event. Friends and family members of the young performer will support and/or market the event to a certain extent, but the main promoter and supporters is your organization and its affiliates.

    • What are the roles and responsibilities of the non-profit organization?

    1. Marketing of the event to its supporters

    2. Seek out a venue that is suitable and fitting for the benefit concert, bearing in mind that the seating capacity of the venue has to be in-line with the expected attendance