Our Mission

Play It For Good (PIFG) is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.  PIFG is a volunteer organization; all proceeds go to good causes, often topped-off from our main fund.  Contributions are tax deductible.

Conceptualized in 2008, the idea for Play It For Good is to promote volunteerism by "marrying" the supply of artists & young performers who want to "do good" - with the demand for funds raised by non-profits - to create a win-win proposition. The founders believe we all can make the world a better place by truly focusing on virtues such as kindness, goodness, and consideration for others.

Our beginnings...

The Joan Chin Scholarship Fund

When his beloved wife passed away, George Chin asked that in lieu of flowers, monies be donated towards a scholarship fund.  The Joan Chin Scholarship Fund was established.  Today, the Joan Chin Scholarship Fund operates under PIFG's 501(c)(3) umbrella.  

Together, the Joan Chin Scholarship Fund and PIFG have donated tens of thousands of dollars to good causes over the years (and continues to do so) - from that single act of kindness.

Play It For Good strongly believes that the ability to perform in front of a safe audience is paramount to the development of confidence in young artists. Separately, fundraising is a key activity for non-profits.  The key to success is the combination of two ingredients: