Our People

Yonitte Ryger (Founder)

Yonitte began soloing with orchestras at age eight and entered The Juilliard School of Music a year later, where she studied with Margaret Pardee and Lewis Kaplan. During her time at Juilliard, she served as concertmistress and won the Juilliard Concert Competition and the Competition for the Performance of Contemporary Music. A third-generation Juilliard-trained musician, she has performed in Lincoln Center and other major concert halls as soloist, chamber musician, and concertmistress.

Yonitte adores working with children of all ages and has a large private class of young musicians. Due to her interest in education and how to improve our ability to learn, Yonitte studied psychology at Columbia University and has worked with autistic children as well as gifted - and no-less-gifted children labeled as "learning disabled."

Julia Chin (Founder and Artistic Director)

Julia is a young violinist who enjoys "making music" with her friends. Julia co-founded Play It For Good with the goal of combining performance opportunities with the ability to raise funds for good causes. Julia studied the violin with Ann Setzer at the Juilliard Precollege and is currently a student at Stanford University. Since her first "Play It For Mia" benefit concert, she has enjoyed organizing, performing, and raising funds for education, music programs, health care and other worthy causes. Julia has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Kimmel Center as the winner of various competitions.